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My Grandma taught me… Age is a number, and keep it unlisted!

My grandma Elvira always taught me that age was a number and to keep mine unlisted. She was a natural beauty and ageless, so I’ll never forget the day the family gathered with her in the hospital for a procedure on her heart. The doctor looked at her chart and confirmed details including where she had her age listed as 58. My uncle Boo, her eldest son at the time was 62… Do the math! We all tried to delicately figure out what to tell the intake team as my grandma insisted that was her correct age. I finally came up with a solution and blurted that she was dyslexic!

Well, thanks to social media, my turning 5-0h is no longer a secret! The upside is I have never received such an outpouring of kindness, affection, well wishes and love. To all of you who took the time to reach out, know it warmed my heart beyond measure. My uncle says when you’re over the hill, you pick up speed! So, this Menopausebarbee is just getting started. I have truly been blessed to know true friendship and unconditional love. As I look back on the first 50 years, all I can do is smile and sing the lyrics to my favorite song by Luther Vandross, “It’s So Amazing to Be Loved.”

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