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Grammy goes back to College…

This is a woman who hates letting go of her “cubs”. When her baby sister, my Aunt Margie took her first flight as an attendant for Alaska Airlines, Mama stood at the gate sobbing. This was back in the 1960’s when you could still watch flights take off. When the gate agent consoled Mama and asked when her sister would return, Mama wailed into her snotty tissue, “Tonight.” When my sister and co-blogger Tracie moved to Germany, Mama took to her bed and did not surface for two long weeks. Each year when Tracie returns for a visit and heads back to Germany, history repeats itself. Letting Go has never been Mama’s strong suit, so it was no surprise that the task of delivering the last of her cubs to college out of state fell on my son Brett and me. Mama has a saying, they are her babies, I just carried them.

So, it’s been 6 long weeks since Taryn went from living under a roof with Mama and me to flying solo. The family decided to make the 2.5 hour journey to Chapman for Homecoming Family Weekend and assuage Grammy’s concerns that her baby cub is not only surviving but thriving.

The warm and welcoming community at Chapman along with the clean campus, engaging staff, and academically inclined student body easily allayed all of Mama’s concerns.

Dorm life with two solid roommates – CHECK, Even though the Dorms are Co-Ed, her roommates are not males and there is a coded lock on her door CHECK! Food card – CHECK, Security on Campus -CHECK, Money on Laundry card- CHECK, Gas and check oil on car- CHECK, Cleaning supplies and a life supply of the sanitizer, Purel -CHECK, Family within proximity CHECK, Nearest Grocery Store, Walmart, Pharmacy- CHECK CHECK CHECK…

Seeing is believing. Once Mama saw that all her years of teaching Taryn to pick up, clean up and be responsible had paid off, the blow of leaving her baby cub was a bit more tolerable.

Until next time… ahh College Life!