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Gotta Have Heart…

Daddy always said, ‘You gotta have heart or you might as well be dead’.
So this month being Heart Month, the Menopausebarbees are celebrating giving heart in all you are and in all you do.

I awoke this morning feeling inspired by J. Lo and Shakira’s half time performance at LIV Super Bowl last night. They gave heart. As a mother, and  Menopausebarbee, the mogul, movie maker and booty shaker gave heart and then some. And Shakira- hips don’t lie and neither did her heart. Haters, get to the gym. Bravo sisters

I was neutral going into the game as my home team The Seattle Seahawks and my second home team The Tennessee Titans were out. But as the game got underway, I found myself pulling for the team which showed the most heart. From a 10 point deficit in the 4th quarter, Patrick Mahomes who tweeted in back in 2013, his dreams as a high schooler to go to the Super Bowl, last night brought his dreams to reality and is going to Disney World! He had heart!

As heart month is highlighted, we will be covering topics on Love- giving and receiving, keeping and leaving. As Kenny Rogers sang, knowing when to hold em’ and when to fold em’.
Having heart- Never giving in or giving out as the mantra of my sister and co blogger’s book, Incompatible with Nature dictates.
Black history – giving heart to our roots and fruits and our legacy.
Now that January is in our rear view, finding tools and heart to keep those resolutions going.

Last night the two super stars, J. Lo, and Shakira, and Emme (J. Lo’s 11 year old took the stage together). As they performed, their hits including Hips Don’t Lie and Let’s get loud, the symbolism is we are better together.

Shoutout to my daughter, Taryn who joined Delta Gamma Sorority yesterday. Their motto is to Do Good. Taryn, you showed heart and did good.

It’s Monday, so as you start the week, give heart as my granddaddy said, ‘Be a task big or small, do your best or not at all.’

And for all the haters, hurry to the gym!