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What Goes Up… Must Come Down

There’s always a story inside a story. In yesterday’s blog post about our Girl’s Trip to Vegas, I shared that we went to the famous Molly Brown’s Swim Shop. Summer is coming and as a Menopausebarbee, trust me when I say, I am putting in OT at the gym preparing for exposing areas where the sun rarely shines.

Year after year, as we age, the skirts get longer and the cleavage gets covered- or that should be the case. “Do you have a turtle neck swim suit?” I asked the sales lady at Molly Brown. As I tried on a few trendy looks, I had to laugh aloud as I reminded myself, I used to be a 34 B and after nursing 2 babies, I’m now a 34 Loooooong! Thank the Lord for push ups!

But truth be told, I’m grateful we are past the Babe Watch Days. Bigger is not always better as many celebs are now looking to reduce the jugs. Recently in the news, celebs such as Amber Rose, Heidi Montag, and even Pamela Anderson have gone smaller.

Just remember, what goes up as time go on, must go down….
boob measure (2)

boob measure 2 (2)

Can you imagine what’s gonna happen with all those ass implants? That’s a visual! Just Sayin’!