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Girl’s Glam Grammy Getaway!

Girl’s Glam Grammy Getaway!

Last Thursday, I along with 4 girlfriends loaded an Alaska Airlines flight en route to LA for our Glam Grammy weekend.

None of us travel lightly, and even though we had multiple bags, we all still exceeded the weight limit and were charged extra fees. It appeared as if we were relocating to Cali- lock, stock and barrel! We were leaving our cares, the rain, work, and families behind! Sunshine and Stars- here we come!!

As we settled into our rows and ordered our cocktails, mulling over the InSTYLE , US Weekly and PEOPLE Magazine’s, we giggled like school girl’s in anticipation of what would unfold over the next 5 days.

On the priority list for one of our group was to meet a certain A-Lister. Research had been complete on said A-Lister’s hangouts and routine. We knew where he got his morning coffee, took his afternoon jog, the set he was working on, and where he liked to dine.

Another one of of the girls, who happens to be happily married is obsessed with Paul McCartney. She’s not attracted to him, at least not in that way, she just has a genuine affinity for Sir Paul.So much so, she named her dog after one of his songs and put her cat to sleep to another. She can literally recite every Paul McCartney song, milestone, marriage, child, and his general biography. I would not play Jeopardy with her if the subject was Paul McCartney! Paul was being honored by Musicares, so this Beatle was definitely on the list to locate.

We landed at LAX and piled into our Ford Explorer and the luggage weighted the vehicle down!I sat in the front with my legs perched on the dashboard under loads of bags. The rear seat accommodations and trunk were equally as packed. After assembling 5 cell phones on GPS, the navigation pulled us up into valet at the W Hotel. Our Diva glam squad of Mikki and Kimmy who had been retained for hair and makeup awaited as we tumbled out of the car looking like the Beverly Hillbillies aka the Clampits.

Night one… Dinner atCecconi. Unfortunately A-Lister was a no show
Paul must have been tied up too. But we did sit at a table next to one of the Real Housewives of Jersey. Does that count? Is she a real celeb? We debated it, and decided nah, you had to actually have talent to be included in our celeb siting adventure! Off to Chateau Marmont- Celebs would be there for sure.

Friday we lunched at the Ivy and shopped at the popular boutique, Kitson. The celebs must have been getting ready for the Grammy’s because no BIG name was on the scene. That night, we gained entrance to the Paramount Studios for the Grammy Foundation party. We met new friends, everyone from Reggie, the Obama impersonator, to aspiring rappers, well known producers, managers, actors, attorneys, and just about anyone in the entertainment industry.

Saturday we went to the famed Soho house for a private party. The panoramic scenes were breathtaking! The entertainment, ambiance, and food were superb as well! We got scolded for trying to venture into the bar of this private club. Oh well, can’t get after a girl for trying.

My friends hosting the private affair had tickets up front and center at the Musicares event. My girlfriend, the Paul McCartney fanatic drooled hearing of Sir Paul’s performance. Tickets were 8500 per seat! Well, they started at 1500, but for the good ones, up close and personal, it would be a HARD DAYS NIGHT for us to pay that, so she lived vicariously through the photos and stories.

The mood was somber with the news of Whitney Houston’s passing. It was surreal that this mega talent we had all grown up with had passed away. After the Soho House, we headed to Dominic’s, as it was a known hangout of said A-Lister. We landed in a club adjacent to Dominic’s (which we thought was Dominic’s) where my frustration grew because the DJ wouldn’t play Whitney Houston. Didn’t he realize this legend was gone? I wanted to dance with somebody, but only if Whitney was singing! That was when we discovered, we weren’t in Dominic’s as it was next door and by the time we arrived, said A-Lister had left the building! We were getting close…

Sunday A.M. I went to the Four Seasons for brunch with a dear old publicist friend.Standing in line at the buffet I choked on the succulent, crisp bacon I was impatiently enjoying, while waiting for my omelet, when I glanced behind me and saw Marky Mark. Yes, Mark Wahlberg! He was standing directly behind me! I love Marky Mark as much as my friends adore the A-Lister and Sir Paul.Dumbfounded or perhaps it was the bacon grease and bits in my teeth, I couldn’t speak or you would all be seeing my photo with Marky on facebook! Everyone who knows me, knows that I am social, resourceful and shameless, so I really wasn’t prepared for this one! Instead, I lost my appetite and sat staring at him in the dining room while he enjoyed a meal with his adorable son. One plug for Marky Mark- if you didn’t see The Fighter- rent it. It is- phenomenal!

After the fourth day of hair and makeup by our fabulous duo Mikki Bey and Kimmy, and of course the lashes, we were officially ready for the Grammy parties!We had secured 4 tickets to the EMI party.Problem, there were 5 of us. Amy Winehouse’s agent we had met at the Paramount party had promised to hook us up with one more, but he wasn’t returning our messages. One of our gals was in a complete panic thinking we would be turned away and she would spend her night eating McDonalds alone. Not to worry, we forged ahead, walked the red carpet and eased on in. Just like Mark Wahlberg, I was inspired and our Entourage got in!

Highlights of the evening included dancing with Katie Perry, Cold Play, chatting with Amy Winehouse’s dad about the Amy Winehouse foundation, and people watching. After swapping cards and promising our new found friends that we would friend them on Facebook, we retired to our hotel room at 3 A.M.

On Sunday, we awoke and went to probably the worst Mexican restaurant in all of LA. We were convinced we were eating cat food, but the dim lighting would not reveal the true mystery meat. That didn’t contain our laughter as we reminisced about the interesting characters we had encountered.

We headed back home to Seattle. No Hot Flashes for these menopausebarbees! We made a pledge…ready, set, lashes, we’ll be back! And next year, we will find said A-Lister and Sir Paul!