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Getting in Good Trouble with Tracie! Happy Birthday my Sister!

Long before we ever heard the phrase, GOOD TROUBLE, today’s birthday girl, my big sister, co-blogger, and ride or die Tracie  and I always seemed to find it.

We found good trouble while walking through the plantations in Tennessee, huddling in winter cabins where our ancestor survived brutal winters.


We found Good Trouble  being intoxicated by the music of Elton John performing our favorite song Levon to a sold out crowd in Montreux, Switzerland. Good Trouble followed the concert when my sister befriended Shania Twain and we spent a night with her in laughter and cocktails.

We found Good Trouble when years ago, we headed for Whistler with neither of us knowing how to ski, but after listening to a Tony Robbins tape on the three hour drive, from Seattle to Canada, we believed we could and we did!

We found Good Trouble going on the set of The Tonight Show and going on stage to tell the audience jokes during intermission of taping.

We found Good Trouble dancing for the camera on The Ellen Show.

We found good trouble  with Tracie and a broken foot hobbling through Europe with Patti and me and her decorated cane.


We found good trouble plunking Aunt Bev’s wigs on our heads and walking through a packed hotel.  As strangers stared, cousin Lisa said it best, we looked like IKE and TINA Turner.  (How I wish I had a photo of this!)

We found Good Trouble going on the Dr. Phil Show and presenting our case that my sister’s book, Incompatible with Nature was much more compelling than the woman on the program who was convinced she was in a relationship with Tyler Perry and she was cat fished.

We got in Good Trouble when you cussed an ex of mine out in a crowded nightclub and told him he best not ever look at your sister again. (Wish I had a picture or better yet video of this one too!)

We have traveled the world together- from the Algarve in Portugal to the Mediterranean Sea in Morocco to the night life in New York City to the ski slopes in Sun Valley to the Glam Grammy Parties in L.A. and Vegas to Honky Tonks in the South.  We were in Washington D.C. for the historic presidential inauguration of Barack Obama.  We have stood in the Lorraine Motel where Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. We have walked the streets of Seattle feeding the homeless.  We have marched for heart health awareness.  We have hosted drives for Foster children.


I have watched from afar as you cook meals for children and families at Ronald MacDonald house. Or as you journey through Egypt on a camel or travel on speaking engagements offering hope for parent’s with ill children.  And although the distance from Germany to Seattle may keep us apart, we are always together.


As I reflect on your special day, I know this- No matter how we get there…I know it’s always gonna be the best of Good Trouble with my Double by my side.


Elvis has left the building… Thank you very much for being my very best of Good Trouble.

Happy Birthday to my Sister

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