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Get IN-volved! Stay E-volved!

I was talking with my cousin, Renee Conroy last night. As we were catching up on the plethora of community activities available. I recognized, that as I post, it is a calling for engagement! I use my blog and social media platforms to share as I’m frequently asked as a native Seattleite how to dial in. No Seattle Freeze here! I’m asking each and everyone of you reading this to GET IN-VOVLED! Granted, I joke that I am like dog sh*t, EVERYWHERE…but truth be told, it takes a village and we must all participate on some level to help others rise up, including ourselves.

Find your passion and support it. Last week, once again, I was moved beyond words at the Stolen Youth luncheon which attacks the deranged perverts literally trafficking our young for their own sexual pleasure. My friend, Patty Haven Fleischmann and crew founded Stolen Youth as they saw a need and refused to stay silent. Every 90 seconds, a child is sold for sex- say no more…

On April 14, I found myself at the Rep Gala, supporting my friend, Winky Hussey and our thriving Arts Community.
Seattle Repertory Theatre is the largest nonprofit resident theatre in the Pacific Northwest and serves its audience by producing a full season of the finest classic and contemporary dramatic work.

Speaking of the Arts, mark your calendars to join my lifelong friend, director, Roberto Jourdan at the upcoming Festival Sundiata.
This African American Cultural Experience is like no other here in the Pacific Northwest.

While we are on the Arts, I must make a plug as a Board Member of MoPop (formerly EMP). Last weekend we opened the Marvel Comics Exhibit which showcases the largest show to date. For those who are fans of Super Heroes, and even those less inclined like me, this must see venture includes history lessons from Spider Man to the recently acclaimed Black Panther. This truly is an adventure for the whole family.

This Thursday, we will be at NAAM – The Northwest African American Museum, in support of The Odessa Brown Clinic, a community clinic of Seattle Children’s Hospital located in Seattle’s Central District. Children from birth through 21 receive care from a team of specially trained pediatric care providers. OBCC provides medical, dental, mental health and nutrition services to all families, regardless of their ability to pay. If you have not heard Dr. Benjamin Daniels speak, I urge you to get your tickets now! For $75 you will be moved by what this organization is doing to support those in need.

This Saturday, April 28, join the St. Jude benefit
My dear friend, Maria Brunner is chairing this spectacular event! Like Odessa Brown, St. Judes does not turn any needy child away based on inability to pay.

And if that’s not enough- stay tuned and stay In-volved, so you will remain Evolved!