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Get Busy! It’s Contagious

My father instilled in my sisters and me that when  you see people get busy, it is contagious. We were also drilled with his constant refrain that if you don’t do nothin’ only one thing is for sure, and that’s not a G*damn thing gonna happen.  Daddy  knew how to hustle.  In the 1960’s he and our mother opened a night club called The Pink Pussycat in popular Pioneer Square in Seattle.  He thought outside the box and brought in strobe lighting, dancers, and his house band was featured nightly along with emerging artists like Ike and Tina Turner, Little Richard and James Brown.  When I look back on photos of this era , I can’t help but think of the present and the growth and legacy we are creating today.

I am no stranger to the restaurant industry and I know the sweat and labor one must put in to be successful.  I was with my life-long best friends, Leslie and Laurie Coaston on the night they opened a Seattle favorite, The Kingfish Cafe on Capital Hill.  Many nights, I volunteered serving tables, and hanging out at the bar meeting friends and engaging with patrons.  For twenty years, this was my hangout and ask anyone who ever dined there and they will share of their epic feasts- from the fried chicken, red beans to red velvet cake.  Chef Kristi Brown of famed restaurant Communion as head chef back at The Kingfish created some of the delicious cuisine there.  Kristi’s restaurant, Communion was recently named by Conde Naste one of the 12 best new restaurants in the world! So, if you haven’t been there- get your resy and get ready to feast!

Busy…Contagious.  Ms. Helen’s Diner is scheduled to open directly across the street from Communion where we will celebrate a community of goodness- food, art, wine, workout, and more.

Take a look at this clip my son Brett and I taped last week at Midtown Center and I hope it will inspire you, as it has for us to be a part of Seattle’s history.  When you experience the vibrancy, you will see, we need your help and every dollar and share is greatly appreciated!


With Jesdarnel Henton and Martique Henton – Ms. Helen’s Soul Bistro Proprietors


IMG_4709 (2)IMG_4709 (2)

Flashback to Little Richard and our Mom- Peace!