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Gentrification, Education, Motivation- Listen Up! We’re on the Radio

Over the years as a Seattle Central Area second generation real estate investor, I have been privy to witnessing neighborhoods change aka Gentrification, housing prices escalate, re-zoning, up-zoning, and cultural, economic, and racial demographics shift.

During my early childhood, my father, Gerald Frank was a prominent figure in developing housing in the greater central corridor. Daddy brought his school of hard knocks training from Detroit, and fought redlining, the practice where banks refused to lend and fund inner city housing.

Just as Daddy took on the bank with pickets to get loans, he also often took on inherent challenges often renting to “dead beat” residents. One of my classic Gerald Frank stories goes as follows:

Daddy awoke on a blistery, rainy, miserable,inclement weathered Seattle December morning. It was the 28th of the month, and Mr. Jenkins was again playing hide and seek, avoiding Daddy’s multiple trips to track him down to collect. Daddy had left numerous messages that the mortgage was due, but his warnings fell on deaf ears. So at 4 A.M. Daddy showed up at Mr. Jenkin’s house with his maintenance foreman, Chris and instructed him to remove the front door and place it in the rear of his truck.

By 5 A.M. Daddy had circled back to our home office where the phone was ringing off the hook.

“Hello.”Daddy answered.
“Mr. Frank, this is Mr. Jenkins, I just work up and my front door is missing!”
“Ain’t that a coincidence, Mr. Jenkins, so is your rent!” Daddy responded.

To hear more of the stories and challenges of being an entrepreneur and the shift in the Central District, listen to the link below featuring my dear friends, Ian Eisenberg, and Brenda Handley as we discussed last week on Financial Fitness with Sarah Riley and Mike Mercer.