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Game Changer


Game Changer… aren’t we all waiting for that moment in our lives? As I look back on my life, I have enjoyed the struggles, because even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time, it makes the final victory so truly satisfying. Think about any hurdles that you had to overcome, and now visualize the hardship, people, and circumstances which were your Game Changer.

I prefer reading memoirs and particularly stories where the journey is not easy. I have known Rob Angel, founder of Pictionary for 20 plus years. I recall going to his fabulous Seafair parties at his home on the shores of Lake Washington. I remember seeing all the beautiful people at the beautiful setting in a beautiful home, which Rob made look so flawless and appealing. I recall attending his charitable events such as Pink Poker nights and raising funds and awareness for AIDS and at risk youth. Rob made giving fun and I have always admired how he used his platform to give.

Rob and I have spent numerous ‘Liquid Lunches” to discuss life and lessons, but I had never really heard the stories shared that I now unearth in this book. I appreciate the efforts, hardships, humbleness and humiliation it took to create the enviable life. In his  often hilarious memories, Rob recants stories that prove persistence does indeed pay. As you read Game Changer, may you too be inspired during these turbulent times to draw the picture of your future success.

Rob, Bravo, my friend! You inspire me.

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