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For the Love of Shoes…

Ever since I can recall, I have loved shoes!

O.K., before you call me shallow, I’m not talking Imelda Marcos and her 3,000 pair collection. But as a Menopausebarbee, I have styled jellies, famolares (Get Theres), ballet flats, and Moon boots, ankle boots, over the knee boots, flat boots and high heel boots. Even today, as I look at old photographs, I can tell what era it is by the shoes on my feet.

Even after long nights of dancing, call it the agony of da Feet, I will suffer for my love of shoes.

In my collection, I have an array of styles and designers from Prada to Nada and I generally get dressed from the feet up.  During the Pandemic, I have thoroughly enjoyed the casual kicks of my expanding tennis shoe collection.  I recall as an 8th grade basketball player pleading with my father to indulge me in a pair of Nike which came on the scene in 1971.  He wasn’t having it as we stood in Chubby and Tubby Hardware Store and he checked me out with the much cheaper brand of Converse saying they would get the job done.

But, Daddy couldn’t kill my inner Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City as my shoe love has always been alive and well.  So, when my stylist, Nordstrom’s finest, Justin Legget prepared me for my wedding, I didn’t blink at my something blue.  And just as Elvis sang, nobody better think of stepping on these babies!

Just like my old favorites from the 1970s, the  Famolares, these shoes got me there!