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Flying High with Written Gratitude!

A few days ago, I received the most timely card in the mail.Just as I was berating my son and daughter to make sure they got their holiday thank you notes finalized and in the mail, I went to my own P.O. Box and was reminded of the good sentiments ofreceiving a true old fashioned Thank You!

Brett and Taryn have been raised with the rule, ifthey can’t take the time to sit down and WRITE their gratitude, then they can’t enjoy the gift.I feel in this day and age of social media, and computers, we have forgotten what it means to lick a stamp, sign, seal and deliver thanks!

The card I received was from an acquaintance, and not someone I have every spent quality time with, so it came as a true surprise andthe message was a reminder of what I do appreciate about the connectivity that social media and Facebook brings.
The outside of the card reads:
Change your thoughts and you change your world.Norman Vincent Peale

Inside the handwritten note says:
Hi Dana,
I wanted to reach out to you personally to say Thank You for all of the very inspirational posts that you share on Facebook.Your positive outlook and philosophy must be a major factor in your success and so positive for your children!I just wanted to say that in a little more personal way than an email of a Facebook message.It’s a great life!
Best Regards,
Susan Shorett

So today, I say Susan, your note had me flying high as the below photo of my daughter on a trampoline!I shared your card, as I hope this becomes a life-long lesson, not only for my children, but for everyone I come in contact with. Thanks for the kind words, now everyone, follow suit and lick the stamp!

And Thank YOU all for reading Menopausebarbees!