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Fishing…for men that is.

I was talking with some women friends, each of whom had arrived in Germany from a far off corner of the world, about this topic just the other evening and it seems that the dating thing, the issues involved and what we do and why we do it/them are the same the world over. Maybe it’s just innate. Or maybe everyone is just smart and stupid all at once. No matter, at the end of the day, surely we all wonder why we do what we do. It’s a funny thing this thing we call life.

Even the reason for every season does not always hold true.Take for example, this woman. She gave birth just two years ago. Nothing unusual about that. What is shocking is her age. She claims to be 70, while the clinic where she gave birth to says she is 7T. She and her husband have been married for 46 years. You’ve got to give them credit for at least having figured THAT out. But for me, the rest is a mystery and so I ask myself, despite their overwhelming desire and no doubt the love this woman had for her baby, was it a selfish thing to do to the child? The only thing for certain as I see it is, is that this new mother can get her post post post-menopausal nap when her baby naps. One must feel for her though; she has been spending her time yearning for a baby of her own and now will pass the rest of her time caring for and loving this anxiously awaited child. See the article here in the Huffington Post.

70-Something Woman Gives Birth — And She’s Even Breastfeeding

But who am I to judge? I can only say that for this menopausebarbee, a pregnancy at this stage of the game would be a laughingstock and a nightmare.
But, we all have our motivations, our reasons for why we do what we do.

So whether you’re dating or trying to procreate, I guess the bottom line is to keep hope alive. Everybody is just looking for someone to love. Maybe that is at the core of why we do what we do.

Shake off the doubt and the discouragement that is stopping you from getting what you really deserve. Believe and be bold about getting what you know is right and just for you. Enlarge your vision to see your destiny. It’s there, waiting for you. Go with the flow, sometimes you just can’t force a square peg in a round hole.

And keep in mind:

*Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.
—Henry David Thoreau

Good luck everybody.

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