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Family is like Insurance- Got You Covered

Today’s thoughts…

A Good Family is like Insurance-

You’re covered.  Your premium payment is respect.

So be kind or don’t put in  claim.

Daily I come across individuals who have fallen on hard times.  This morning I received a text from an applicant for an apartment who was declined.  When we met a few weeks ago, she shared that there was an eviction on her credit from a past relationship gone bad.  She is now gainfully employed at two local restaurants and trying to put her life on track.  She has been sober for 3 years and needed a YES.  After her credit was ran, it was verified indeed it was and currently is deplorable.  I asked if she had anyone willing to co-sign and she said she did not.

I was left with the dilemma of taking a chance when her own family would not.  She did not have a single friend, co-worker or family member willing to come to her aid.  Knowingly when I encounter these circumstances, there is usually a bad ending.  Possession is 9/10 the law.  So once I let her in, I run the risk and expense of non payment and an expensive legal eviction process.  But my human compassionate side says everyone deserves a chance.  What would you do?

Daily, I see young graduate students in extreme debt from college loans.  As my daughter embarks on her upcoming college years, I continually remind her it is a privilege.

So today, my thoughts are for those of you fortunate to have family or extended friends who have your back, show them appreciation.  It’s a blessing not an obligation- just because they are related – can you relate?

‘Dad, I don’t qualify for financial aid, but the dean offered to find you a second job!’