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Falling Man

The image will always haunt me.  19 years later, I’m still trying to imagine what transpired in his mind as he made that fateful leap, knowing death was the only certainty on his landing. I can’t quite comprehend his thoughts, fears, or anxiety.  Were they of a loving family he was about to leave behind? Were there children, parents, a spouse, friends and extended family members?  Did his future or his past flash before his eyes?  Did he say a prayer?  Was it his final act of independence, that being to jump rather than perish by fire?  Had he awoken to just another Tuesday and headed for work in the city?

Although the possible identity of the Falling Man is Jonathan Briley, a 43-year-old audio technician, my research shows this has not been confirmed.  I do know, this soul was captured by a photograph taken by Associated Press photographer, Richard Drew and on the day of this mass tragedy, Falling Man is one of the only widely seen pictures that shows someone dying.

Today we pray for Falling Man all the fallen who lost their lives 9-11-2001.  And we remember never to forget 9-11.

We also pray today for those who have lost everything in the raging wild fires.  We pray for those suffering from Covid-19.  We pray for the social unrest and the killing of unarmed black men.  We pray for those who lost their lives in the Beirut explosion.

We pray for the natural disasters and the human disasters and for all the Falling Men and Women.