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His soul must be on fire.

This is THE most horrendous story I’ve heard since the beginning of the year.

This crime is unspeakable and much to my disbelief, really happened. The incident occurred at a healthcare facility in Phoenix, Arizona where a twenty-nine year old woman, who has been in a vegetable state for the past fourteen years, gave birth to a baby boy on December 29, 2018. 

Happy New Year.

Due to the unfathomable shock and outrage at this violation of their defenseless daughter, the suffering family is understandably not willing to be interviewed–but through their attorney that they would like the world to know that their grandson has been “born into a loving family and will be well taken care of.” 

Let’s hope so.

The chief executive officer of the Hacienda healthcare facility resigned Monday. That’s the least he can do.  How could this possibly happen under his watch when it is his responsibility to ensure that every aspect of how his facility performs is working efficiently? 

We don’t know if this villainous vile act was carried out by an employee (all of whom  are being given DNA tests) or a visitor, but one thing is certain: this animal needs to be found and put away and out of his misery.

Patients in a vegetative state do not respond to what is happening around them. They show no signs of conscious awareness. But the question that is troubling me is: I wonder if she cried out somewhere deep down in her soul when she was being violated?



Beyond asleep… another #MeToo wake up call.