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It’s Christmas… In Every Neighborhood

A collaboration Poem from your Menopausebarbees

It’s Christmas…In Every Neighborhood…

Twas the year before Christmas and in every neighborhood…
In every neighborhood
People were on the streets when they should have been doing good
Be-headings, Bombings, Brutality by Police
The Menopausebarbees know all this madness must cease

Ricola won’t kill Ebola
Neither will burying our heads in the sand
It’s time to come together and think of our brothers and sisters from every land

Cosby in in denial
Officer kills black man and doesn’t stand trial

Hack attacks, wage stagnation, economic woes
Where this is headed, God only knows

Global warming will not comfort Global Refugees
That’s something to consider tonight as we circle around our Christmas trees

May the season’s spirit open our hearts and our minds as it very well should…
After-all, It’s Christmas…In Every Neighborhood…
In Every Neighborhood…

Season’s Greetings
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