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Eat, Pray, Love… Mediterranean Style


Buckle up!

I have been promising a detailed rewind of our recent sojourn through the Mediterranean. Although my memory and insights can not fully capture the details of this 8 day fantasy excursion, in the following blog post, I will do my best.

When we arrived on the Oceania Cruise line, I couldn’t help but hum the theme song to the Love Boat, all the while expecting Captain Stubing, Julie, Gopher, Doc and Isaac to welcome me aboard. Just like the popular television show, the 1250 passenger cruise line came equipped with a grand staircase, as well as modern day conveniences such as casino, movie theater, cooking classes, Canyon Ranch Spa, swimming pool, pickle ball court, ping pong table, library, multiple dining areas, and a office.



When we arrived at our suite, we were delighted to find A plus accommodations and of course our Stacy and Greg Lill supplied plenty of D2. The bathroom had a tub and a shower. The seating area contained a couch and a prime view deck with breathtaking views heading into each port.



On board, our crew took no time in getting comfortable.  We took advantage of everything all inclusive, including unlimited cocktails, cooking class, deep tissue massage, singing along at the piano bar, hitting the blackjack table and even entertaining other passengers who were left to ask  us to STOP in the name of LOVE!



Our land excursions were as follows:



Our land excursions included Positano Amalfi Coast, Catania, Argostoli, Montenegro, Split, Croatia, Slovenia and Venice.

We spent many days hiking hilltops, exploring churches, paper mills, museums, and history.  We learned fascinating insights such as ties were originated in Croatia.  In Kotor, Montenegro cats are sacred . One local shared they believe the felines saved the  city by early warnings of an earthquake. I opted in to every church we walked by.  Our Lady of Health in Kotor costs 8 Euros, but the hike and the fee was worth it.


A huge treat was my sister and co-blogger, Tracie who resides in Germany  joining us in Venice.

After all, we all know Venice is for lovers…


and sisters!  Buongiorno!

In memory of Anthony Boudain, “Your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park.  Enjoy the ride.”