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Duh Follow Up

I’ve presently got some work to do on my divorce documents so I don’t have a lot of time to devote to my post today but it is my turn so I’ll be brief. In fact I‘m gonna try to convey and wrap up my thoughts on Dani’s “Duh” post from yesterday in one sentence.

Here we go.

As Dani said, we women really have made such huge strides in every facet of life, so though the Steve Harvey movie was indeed entertaining to me in the sense that some of the characters were funny, I must pause to ask myself, can it really be true, can it really be true that we are still so damn dumb, desperate and deficient that a man has written a basic 101 book for us women on how to open our eyes and close our thighs detailing information so basic that even our Mothers shouldn’t have had to teach us?

Oh my gaaawd!

Okay. Two sentences.©2012 Tracie Frank Mayer