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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

Don’t Remember the Time I DIDN’T – Merry Christmas!

Approximately fifteen years ago, at Christmastime, I recall visiting my grandmother in her nursing home. The trees were lit, poinsettias adorned the tables and It’s A Wonderful Life was on the television. I studied the fragile bodies, some slumped in their wheel chairs, being spoon fed and I thought to myself… Never heard an elder person say, “Remember the time I DIDN’T?.”

That day, I vowed, if opportunity availed, I’d take it.

Your Menopausebarbee characters blog and dance as if no one is watching.
It is in this freedom of unabashed love, laughter, and transparency in sorrow that we find our truths.
At Christmas time, we reflect on the year gone past and we are grateful for your love and support as we share our trials and tribulations.

Turn up the Volume on Life and Live, Laugh, Love, and dance like no one is watching!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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