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Don’t Miss a Beat!


This month in America, we are recognizing heart disease and black history month.

Now, this makes good sense to me because when it comes down to it, in recognizing the accomplishments and achievements of the powerful pioneers in both of these communities, we find one common denominator: they all had or have heart.  The etymological meanings of the word heart are soul, spirit, will, desire, courage, mind, and intellect. These adjectives clearly define the why, and the how, the sacrifices of those we recognize and honor, especially this month, were (are) the very foundations to their successes and advances.

Soul, spirit, will, desire, courage, mind, and intellect. 

Now, look at the tattoo emblazoned on my heart warrior son’s chest, just. left of his main battle scar. Read it. Let the words sink in and inspire you. 

I have instilled the above-mentioned foundations to my son since the days I cradled him in the hospital ward; a time when the doctors and nurses thought I was crazy for loving him.

They had no hope. I had faith.

Nothing’s changed and here’s my message: 

Sometimes in life, we have to be warriors, so push! And recognize that character is developed in difficult times. If we could ask any of our heroes, I am certain that the very worst for them was the thought of giving up and having to walk the rest of their lives with their heads hung in shame for they would have forever been burdened by the question: What if I had done more?

Carry on soldiers. Be courageous. It’s not easy, but in any amount greater than zero, there lies hope. 

Don’t miss a beat!