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Do You! Feed Your Body and Soul

Yesterday while searching through my trunk of old photos, saved cards and mementos, I came across this photo of our mom and her 8th grade class.  Centered in this picture, she’s hard to miss.  She was 12 years old, and graduating from Our Lady of the Sea in Bremerton, Washington.  The following year, the family moved to Seattle where she would commence High School at Holy Names Academy.

I asked mom at that point, what thoughts she had for the future.  Always a fashion aficionado, she said she was so excited because my grandparents had brought her to Seattle and bought her a graduation dress from Grayson’s Department Store in Downtown Seattle on 3rd Avenue between Pike and Pine. This was no easy purchase as the family was on an extremely tight budget.  Eventually mom would be hired to work at Grayson’s as an elevator operator and she advanced to a window trimmer, where she dressed all the manikins.

After meeting our dad, mom’s life transitioned towards being a housewife, mother, and entrepreneur in the real estate investment business.  But, she never lost her zest for the fashion industry and she went on to model for all the major department stores in print and on the runway.

This blog post resonates in that although your work path may take you in one direction, you should never let go of your talents and passion.  Find time to nourish not only what feeds the body, but feeds the soul.

Are you a writer, artist, singer, dancer, chef, therapist, musician, or beautician?  Even if you don’t get a wage, you can still share your gifts and at the same time, be fulfilled.

My sister and co-blogger and I have written this blog for ten years.  We don’t get paid.  It brings us joy.

Happy Monday everybody!  Take some time this week to do you! I wonder if the other 89 year old students in the picture followed theirs?