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The DNA of D-A-N-A

Yesterday, my sister, Windy, gave me a gift I have been longing for. That is to find the DNA of D-A-N-A.


Windy and I share the same father, however, she and I did not meet until adulthood. When she presented me with the kit, I looked at her husband, Ronnie, who is Native and I said, ‘So are me and Windy… Daddy was from the Stomp a Ho tribe!’

All laughter aside, I am eager to get the kit in the mail and find out what our heritage is from both sides of my lineage.

For those of you who follow our blog, just print Daddy in the search section on our site and you will see numerous stories, anecdotes, and life lessons that Gerald Frank taught his daughters. I long for knowledge of our history, as I knew his father, a very sweet, and gentle soul, Houston, who died when I was an adolescent. I never met my paternal Grandmother, who passed away at only 38. I stare at their pictures and wonder….

  It occurred to me, I was 32 years old when I last saw my father, but his legacy and lessons continue to teach me and inspire me daily.
As a self made real estate entrepreneur, investing in the Central District in the turbulent times of the 1950’s forward,  Daddy was called a lot of things… smart, savvy, risk taker, ruthless, insightful, mover and shaker, relentless, unmerciful, pioneer, or as the front page of the Seattle Times said, A man of property and parody.

As I look at this photo of Daddy’s mother, and her sister, I wonder what influences she had on his mark.

Mama’s lineage will no doubt ably, have to have come from a strong tribe of relentless, never ever give in or give out, cause you will be left in the wind kind of people.. She, along with 8 siblings arose from this modest 2 bedroom home in Seattle’s Central District.


to receiving numerous crowns, such as Ms. Seafair, and Ms. Bronze. With a work ethic that matches her ability to love, we are blessed with her determination and strong genes.

photo of my maternal grandmother, Elvira Jones.

Stay tuned, my genetic reveal will be blogged. Wherever I hail from, it’s as I’ve blogged in the past, I’m not crazy…I’m just a little in-well!