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Difference of Mind… Sameness of Heart

It’s Father’s Day and of course, I awoke with remembrances of my own Daddy.  We used to debate and argue on the daily as I morphed into my adulthood and experienced life from my vs his perspective.  Thinking of the pain and discord in our lives right now, I recalled a poem I wrote to him one Father’s Day which I want to share.  Although this poem was written more than 30 years ago, the message still resonates.  Even if we have a Difference of Mind, we still can have a Sameness  of Heart.

Difference of Mind  Sameness of Heart

I was born in Seattle – the beauty, the evergreen…

You from Detroit- the hustle, the scene

I, raised in Catholic schools, white and elite

Missed that education you got in the street

You tell everyone, ‘Drive my cars, the limo, pick a caddy-

I truly believe this is usury, Daddy!

I have a vision, you have a dream

I have my own mind, you want to redeem

Who cares to toot?

I’d rather have the loot

You’re constantly screaming, Real Estate, Insurance, all about a tax

Sometimes, I feel we should all just relax

Going to the bank to borrow the lending

Can’t cover the debt, you call it deficit spending

You say, “Give a dyke a dick, Give a whore a trick.”

I say “Give me credit, the response is, I’ll never get it.”

I’m 21 and green and therefore, I must grow

At over 50, you’re ripe and already know

I attempted to sell real estate – the Conventional Clown

You had another program, The Incredible Zero Down

Tell me where you learned the stronger sex was male?

I think it’s only a woman’s physique that makes her more frail

You speak of your experiences and things you have known

But God blessed the child that’s got her own

You say you must teach me to carry on

I often believe you, but sometimes it’s con

You say no one will steal, but I’ll keep my finger on the trigger

Just in case we are visited by an undercover gold digger

Can we look to tomorrow with Love, life and health

Must we continually dispute our power and wealth

The ships been sailing, we’ve earned millions and mink

The waters getting rough, I hope we don’t all sink

Put up the umbrella, it’s about to rain

Yes, Daddy protect me, I’m under your domain

You call me Dummy, but of one thing I’m Smart

We’ve got a Difference of Mind,

But a Sameness of Heart

Happy Father’s Day to my greatest teacher, Gerald Frank.  Oh how I miss you! xoxox