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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.


O.K., here we go…

I blog what I live.  New Year – New You, Time to make that CHANGE.  Write Goals, execute and by the end the year  a better, polished, improved version of ME- right?

I fervently believe when you’re green you grow, and when you’re ripe you rot.  So, I am open to expanding my wheelhouse, and truth be told, if it’s not illegal, somewhat immoral, and even fattening- I’ll most likely try it!

That’s what this Menopausebarbee reasoned last week when I sat in a Diet center.  Key word DIEt.  I’m fairly disciplined, but I, like most was over served this past holiday season.  My weekly tennis matches were sidelined for the extra servings of carbs and spirits which landed on my back side.  I just needed a kick start to rid those 5 lbs of ripple.  Motivated by my crew, who all gave up drinking for 21 days- I had this covered.

Now understand, I have tried ever DIEt over the years.  You can call me and I will tell you what works and the estimated time frame for results from the Cabbage Soup to the Weight Watchers, to the Beverly Hills to the Adkins- been there and done them ALL!

So before I started my latest fast, I elected to do one last hurrah and spent the weekend at Willows lodge listening to the the melodic sounds of Robbie Christmas,  feasting on pulled pork sliders, and wicked shrimp, washing it all back with my favorite vino, D2.

On Sunday, I continued the celebration watching the Seahawk victory with blueberry pancakes from  bed.  Yep this Menopausebarbee grubs!

On Monday, I was set to pay for it all . After receiving my rations which looked and eventually tasted like I was a prisoner of war during the depression era. This photo summed it up, as I cried to my friends in the program.



By Tuesday, I was back on the Dana Diet- everything in moderation!

I have such respect for those committed to healthy lifestyle and discipline.

So keep with your program and congrats!

For me, this Sunday, I will cheer the Seahawks without pancakes, make conscientious choices and hopefully take the DIE out of DIET:)