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Destination Gratitude

When my sister and co-blogger suggested we dedicate this week’s blog to gratitude, most of us would admit 2020 has been challenging to rank  with reasons for being appreciative.
I have long believed that when we witness hard times, we can better appreciate the good ones.  As we entered this new decade last January, none of us anticipated that within three short months, we would be on a lock-down quarantine.  Graduations would be virtual, weddings postponed, children home schooled and funerals by zoom.  That a simple introduction with a handshake would be forbidden, being unmasked grocery shopping not allowed, and by summer hanging at the beach against the law.

I recall at the height of the Pandemic, my son and I were beyond eager to play tennis and  joined friends at a public court and the police were called.  We actually jumped in our cars and fled the scene.  Guilty as charged, we were trying to get exercise outdoors.  Gradually, as restrictions have lifted, we have found peace and gratitude in our “new” normal. We are strong and we persevere.  We find peace in our health, stolen intimate conversations, a great bottle of vino, watching sports remotely, zoom home quarantine calls, or blasting the Sonos system and dancing. We take time to read, watch a home movie, talk with friends and spend quality family time. We take the moment to feel and embrace the sunshine.

So, here we are, as yet another season literally falls upon us.  We exchange our sandals for our sweaters.  And although Trick or Treating may be cancelled due to Covid 19, we can still find fruitful ways to engage and entertain our children.  Perhaps dressing up and making a candy hunt within your home or garden.

But don’t forget the pumpkins…
When you carve it, you can make it scary, happy, funny, spooky, witty or wise and then light a candle inside and bring it alive.
So when you carve your pumpkin why not give it a smile behind that mask?
Remember when life serves us pumpkins, even in the hardest times, just like Cinderella, we can make a carriage and drive.  Destination gratitude.