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Designated Driver… Top Golf!

As we kick off the first day of summer, your vacation plans must include Top Golf! Mine did… and here’s a little recap of our excursion to the grand opening in Vegas!

Designated Driver… Top Golf

 A picture is worth a thousand words, so we’ve all been taught
These ones are saying #blessed with the friends and chosen family I’ve got.
Erik and Deborah, thank you for hosting us to an unforgettable trip!
Vegas sunshine, gambling at the casinos and improving our golfing grip
Scrumptious dinners with quality conversation-
What happens when we’re in Vegas? Doesn’t need a translation
It was all a blast from the early AM flight
To dancing at Aria for a the post 2 AM night
Sitting at a Black Jack table, I called to my host
I need a drink to make a special toast
Make it a double, I said with a high fiver
Destination Top Golf, my Designated Driver