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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

Dead Ringer

We use phrases all the time without really giving their meaning a great deal of thought. You may well know that dead ringer means exact duplicate. While I have used that term cavalierly in the past, however, I indeed met my first true dead ringer over the weekend.

We have all said, oh, you favor the singer so and so, or you look just like that actor fill in the blank. Often times we are not flattered by our so called “look alike” and make grave efforts to change our appearance.There arethose that capitalizeon their resemblance to celebs. I met the popular President impersonator and it’s a given, he hasourFirstman’smannerisms down, but I’m truly not going to mistake him for Barrack Obama on the streets! Then there are those who try to mimic their favorite celebrities. Sometimes, imitation is not the best form of flattery. As many hair stylist know, cutting a style like Jennifer Aniston, does not make you look like her.

For all those “wannabees” and “makeabees”, while hanging out at the Coachella Music Festival in Palm Springs over the weekend, I met a true dead ringer.We were at a pool partyand several celebs were to be in attendance. So, I chatted up Natasha Bedingfield and made the rounds being the social, shameless, and resourceful one until I happened upon Gary Busey. I liked him in the Buddy Holly Story, and so I walked up to tell him so. Only problem was Gary Busey was actually Jeff Swanson. I would have failed the Pepsi Challenge!Was it Coke or Pepsi?Gary or Jeff?As I visited with Jeff Gary Busey Swanson, I was intrigued to unearth what life was like on a daily basis and the pure pandemonium his presence presented. I found Jeff to be eccentric, yet engaging, hysterically funny and quite accomplished. Take a look for yourself…. And remember, if you run into Gary Busey, you might say hi Jeff!