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Dammit! Keepin’ it Real

It was the early 1970s. My white knee high socks gripped the edges of the leather back seat and my saddle shoes dangled in the back of Daddy’s white Cadillac. Seat belts were not required and I bogeyed to the beat, elated when my less than 8 year old self could sing along and cuss as free as my belt-less body. “Dammit! Try to make it real compared to what.” I dropped using the God portion before Dammit, after all we were driving en route to Our a lady of Mt Virgin grade school and I was taught to never use God’s name in vain. But belting Dammit just felt good! Watching Daddy pat his leg as Les Mc Cann infused a new kind of jazz and pop – it blended our music worlds with that funky beat and real talk lyrics.

When Tracie arrived earlier this month, we drove along and blasted this tune and sang in unison. It was as if Daddy who would celebrate his 85th birthday today was riding along. He always kept it real…

Take a listen to this jam and reflect on these lyrics and I’m sure you will agree, 40 plus some years later this world, with wars, Isis, Aleppo, and a homeless crisis in every cities’ back yard, we gotta keep it real! dammit!
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