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Daddy’s Consolation

It’s here! Holiday shopping time! 

Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Free shipping! Online specials! Online brochures! 75% off for 24 hours only! Scoop up big ticket items! Available now! Get it while it lasts! Best deal! Last chance sales! Doorbuster sales! Discount sales! Shop early and often!

Huh? Shop early and often???

Shopping mania. Before we know it, we’ve shopped until we–or our wallets–have dropped and it can be mighty difficult to get up after the fall. So, if you find yourself in a financial pinch after the frenzy, let me share with you another Daddy Quote. The man lives on.

For those of you who know this menopausebarbee or have read my book, you are familiar with a couple of my favorite daddy quotes: “Ain’t no givin’ up and no givin’ out.” © and “You got to get up and get on it!” © 

You also know that I began working in the family business when I was nine years old cleaning apartments, vacuuming hallways and picking up dog poop and cigarette butts out of the yards. 

By the time I graduated from college, my status had elevated to working full time in the office. The list of work I did is much too long to list here; let’s just say that I opened the office at 7:30 in the morning, made sure the crew had their equipment and list of to dos and were out of the office by 8 because by 8:30, as Daddy would say, “The day is half over!!”

A portion of my office responsibility was paying bills. Better said: robbing Peter to pay Paul. Every. Damn. Day. The bills just wouldn’t stop and Daddy would buy another building or buy another truck, or overspend on remodelling…

It warms my heart as I write this, remembering how he would drive down the hill and walk into the office and sit down next to me–a grin on his face and a mountain of bills in front of me. Our conversation would more often than not sound like this:

“Daddy, can you please explain to me why you ordered all these supplies from Welch’s hardware store?”

“Baby,” he would say, “we needed the stuff. Got to keep the program rollin’.”

“And just how do you expect me to pay these bills?”

“Baby, just get more money.”

“Just get more money??? Just where do you expect me to get it from? We owe everybody and their mother!!”

To this he would say–and here is your Daddy Consolation in case you have fallen down and are trying to get back on your financial feet:

“Baby, don’t worry about it. As long as we owe ‘em, they’ll never be broke.”©

It’s  ridiculous, but true actually. 

Something to keep in my mind in case you’re frazzled from your shopping frenzy. 

Happy hump day everybody!

With my parents college graduation day.