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Creating Generational Wealth from “Mobile” Homes

In my series on creating generational wealth, this past week, I shared a post entitled Cash Erodes…Equity Endures.  The blog featured photos of my father in two of his prized automobiles, a Clenet and a Centaur.

Daddy wasn’t the only one in our family who loved a nice ride.

In the 1970’s, Mama drove a white Brogham Cadillac.  She used to joke that all she needed to do was get behind the wheel and that car was on auto pilot and would take her to her destination.  I fondly recall leaving elementary school at Our Lady of Mt. Virgin and proudly strolling to greet Mama in this pristine vehicle with white wall tires for pickup.  This was in contrast to when Daddy would arrive in a dented-up truck, filled with his day laborers in the cargo bed, with the tailpipe precariously dragging.   I would run and bend over acting like I was tying my shoes so no one would see me.

In 1975, I was chosen to crown The Blessed Virgin.  It was a tremendous May Day honor.  The entire school and parishioners walked with me as I caravanned around the block carrying a bounty of flowers which culminated in me placing them on a life-size statue of the Virgin Mother herself.  Unfortunately, Mama had developed bronchitis, but she wouldn’t let the lung congestion make her miss witnessing this momentous moment.  So, Mama fired up her white caddy and slowly drove in procession around the block paying witness to the ceremony.

Mama went home and stayed in bed and on her antibiotics until she healed.  Approximately a week later, when she was feeling better, she went outside to get in her Caddy to head to Lucky Grocery Store and low and behold the car was missing.  She rushed back inside and asked my father what had happened to her beloved vehicle.  Daddy shared excitedly that he had traded her car for a view home in Leschi.  The guy thought he’d made a great deal as he said, the car could move but the house couldn’t.

I still tease Mama to this day about her “non-mobile home”.

Creating generational wealth sometimes means creative financing and knowing when to let go.  Daddy always believed he could recreate.  The photo below was from a Seattle Times article and a subsequent enhanced Cadillac with a rumble seat.