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Cops and ROBBERS

I just can’t stop thinking about this young 28 year old woman whose life was robbed. Take a moment and think of where you were at 28. Think of all that was yet to be and if your life had ended at that moment.

I recall being 28 as if it was yesterday. I got married, a year later had my first born. I was working, head down to the grind trying to revive our family business along with my life-time partner, my mother. My parent’s had recently divorced and my father’s health declined. Daily, I honored

both my parents tending to my father’s medical needs and the emotional roller coaster of building a future.

It was a time of dreams for what the future would hold. It was a time of insecurities as I questioned my abilities and determination of how to achieve the life I desired. It was a time of growth. It was a time of new friendships that morphed into family. Like the victim, Atatiana, I too embraced being the big fun Auntie/Cousin. Photos of my wedding show my posing with my then 10 year old cousin, Hope and my 5 year old cousin, Chris Jr. It has been one of my life’s greatest pleasures watching them and all my family grow into remarkable business people and doting parents. As I visit with these family members and now toast their success, and reminisce of our history, I can’t fathom being ROBBED of these treasured moments.

Cops are to serve and protect from the Robbers. Such a tremendously sad day when these lines continue to be blurred.

To the family of Atatiana- there are no words… Today, we just pray.