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Convicted or Evicted? Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Convicted or Evicted? Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Here’s the Scene:
You love your apartment community, and you have resided there well past your lease expiration. It is your safe haven after a long day’s work.  On weekends, you enjoy sitting on your private balcony, savoring coffee, and reading the newspaper.

The unit next door to you becomes available.
In moves Martha, recently evicted from her last home for excessive hoarding.


Your longtime neighbor, who has resided across the hall from Martha’s unit, can’t tolerate the smell and grows dismayed with the pest infestation. After numerous complaints to management, the neighbor in the adjacent unit vacates and almost immediately, Lincoln moves in. Like Martha, Lincoln was eager to get relocated as he too was evicted. As a drug dealer, Lincoln had no problem coming up with the move in cash.

In the matter of one month, your pristine apartment complex has gone from being a safe haven you called home, to a prison. You are a prisoner to the traffic that Lincoln’s clients bring. Those include a registered sex offender and one caught stealing Fed X and packages left by postal service at the community mailboxes. You are a prisoner to Martha’s stench and now rodent infestation.


Under the pretense of Lincoln asking to borrow your phone charger, you fear he is casing your apartment. After you return from a long day at work, you find that your apartment has been broken into and  robbed. Is this a coincidence? No this is a reality now that your Seattle City Council has passed a bill in favor of housing providers not being able to use eviction or conviction history in rental application approval during Covid-19.

Although the legislation says the evictions do not apply to those actions caused by a tenant that constitute the imminent threat to the health and safety of their neighbors, we all know, “possession is 9/10th the law.” Meaning, once someone takes occupancy, one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch and it’s a hardship on housing providers to keep you safe.

Just think about it… These Council members make rules that on the surface sound equitable.  But, even salt looks like sugar.

Councilmember Morales, Council Passes Protections for Renters Evicted During COVID-19 Crisis


I don’t think Fred Rogers would want them as neighbors either.



Stand up Seattle. Time to write your city council.