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Conversations with our Loved Ones..Happy Birthday Mama M!

Yesterday, my friend Andrea Chatard shared a post on Facebook that her parents are her Rock and Reason. It was a beautifully expressed transparent share that we as Menopausebarbees all know, our parents are aging and the importance of having dialogue. I immediately replied on her page that the best gift, and I mean it literally as it was a gift that my father gave me was one Sunday, during his illness, we crawled on his couch and he said ASK me ANYTHING. We spent the day and rehashed our lives. The good, the bad, the pretty and ugly. Nearly 25 years later, after my father’s passing, that gift still resides in my fiber every day. I share it with my sister and co-blogger, Tracie as she shares her reflections and we ask during trying times… What would daddy do?

Fortunately Andrea’s parents are not ill, but as Menopausebarbees, we all know time is a precious commodity, so I encouraged Andrea to start the conversation.

This post resonates with me as today we celebrate a very special woman in my life. I call her Mama M, Caroline Mendelsohn. Mama M is my fiancé Eric’s mom. When we met four years ago, she understood that I wanted to KNOW ALL. I wanted to know who this woman was that raised my future spouse. There are certain disciplines Eric inherited from Caroline. They are both amazing in the kitchen. Caroline, I still savor those crab cakes from our last visit. They share a passion and love for animals like no other. No she is not just a cat lady. I thought a Chipmunk was in the rodent family, but seriously, they embrace all breathing beings. Daily in the deep woods of Pipersville, Pennsylvania, Caroline greets and feeds deer. I’m a city girl and I was ready to run for shelter as we calmly sat in her driveway as the herd arrived and she allayed my anxiety.

Caroline instilled a hard work ethic in Eric. I witness it as she drives her tractor over the massive rural estate she calls home. Over the years, she has worn many hats as a business woman and entrepreneur baking cakes, designer boutique proprietor, wife, partner and mom.

I still marvel at this former California girl who has morphed into a Pioneer Woman. With her easy laugh, sense of timeless style, beauty and sensibility, I am grateful you were born today and truly grateful for our heart to hearts.
Happy Birthday Mama M! Cheers to you and our Conversations xoxo