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Christmas Cliché

My kids say I live by cliché’s. The definition of cliché is a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought. Well, truth be told, I admit I do use cliché’s a lot as often times, they are the simplest concepts to comprehend.

So today’s cliche is Live to Give. It’s Giving Tuesday and I want you to take a moment and reflect on the last time you have truly done something for someone who cannot repay you. I’m not talking about a family member, friend or loved one. I mean someone you might not know. Someone who may never know they are the recipient of your kindness. It might be giving by financial means, your time, a meal, or gesture- whatever it is, today is the day we are reminded to GIVE

As many of our readers know, children in Foster care are near to my heart. I believe children did not ask to come here and for those whose parents abandon their obligations for whatever the circumstance should not be neglected. I once heard, ‘Children are not a deck of cards, and therefore they should not be shuffled around.’ Janis Avery, CEO of Treehouse taught me years ago that we can help kids in the system by giving them a better hand than the shuffled cards they were dealt.

I’m thrilled to share I am turning in a bounty of gifts today which I have gathered from my generous tribe for local children at Treehouse for Foster Kids. We have collected dolls, toys, my sister, Patti Savoy invested $500 in coats to keep their little bodies warm and generous checks such as Kimberly Carney owner of FashWire (awesome fashions in Magnolia) who sent $250. So whether it was $5 or $500 I called and my community answered. Together, we are making a difference! Come Christmas morning, the thrill we all know from opening packages will be alive in these deserving children’s hearts!

So today, I know there are many organizations vying for your giving. Bottom line…pick one and just give. Another cliché I taught my own kids is that you can never receive with a clinched fist. So in cliché form, I will leave you with this, ‘There is no time like the present.’