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Chosen Family

We hope you all have one in your life. That person who has a heart as genuine and precious as your finest treasure. A person who has your back unconditionally. One who would never betray your friendship and never murmur an unkind word. A person who weeps with you when times are a struggle, as they too have known pain. But by the same token, your success is one they celebrate, as if they were your personal boxing coach in your corner in the final round. You can see the love in their eyes. They know that life is a gift and therefore, they treat each day as the present it is. One of my “sisters”, Patti Savoy refers to these individuals as our chosen family.

My sister and co-blogger, Tracie and I are fortunate in that we have several of these angels in our lives. But a post I saw on Facebook yesterday just made me need to express how grateful we are to one in particular… Alice Hanssens.

If I’m having a bad day, I just pull up Alice’s Facebook where she will make me laugh, ponder, and always smile.

As many of you know, my sister, Tracie has painstakingly spent years writing, years editing, and re-editing to get it just perfect – her memoir, Incompatible with Nature – A Mother’s Story. This is no easy feat, and honestly, I hold my copy and marvel that my sister is a part of the small percent of published authors. We have been blessed by the response and book purchases and want to thank each and everyone who has thus far contributed to her efforts. And just as Alice shows here- let’s continue to support each other and never giving up!

Tracie will be state side in December and we will be hosting book readings in Seattle and we are setting up tour dates if you would like to participate in your city, please connect with us.

I was so moved when I walked in my mom’s room last night and saw the tears she shared with her sister, my Aunt Margie as they recalled what Tracie reveals in this moving story. You will literally go to another world on this journey.

Please get your copy and post reviews! We can’t wait to hear from you! on Amazon Incompatible with Nature A Mother’s Story by Tracie Mayer

Thank you Alice, for being our chosen family and as my sister says, “Here’s to Life!”