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Choosing Your Chairities…

Often times, people ask me how I fit it all in. And sometimes I have to admit, I ask myself that question as well. I am a fervent believer that you gotta go to know and one thing that I have come to know is if we all do a small part, great change can and will occur.

I am a frequent atttendee of Charitableevents. As the co-chair of Treehouse for fosterkids luncheon this past year, I witnessed first hand how challenging it is to put on a benefitno matter howworthy the cause.

After that experience, I vowed I would within my abilities both financially and with time management, support all my friends in their charitable endeavors. Afterall, it’s not what we get, but what we give that shows what kind of life we live. And I must share that by attending these events, I have learned and grown andreceived a lot! I like to call these excursions the field trips of a menopausebarbee’s life.

Last Friday night,I attended the Camp Koreydinner which supports children with life threatening illnesses. I visited the most beautiful setting andin the foyer of thisamazing estateof theoriginal family home,Iheard the grandson of the Carnation Farms legacy share tales of the history and origin of their beginnings.During the program, my favorite part of the evening was watching the talent show put on by the Camp Korey kids.The children lit up and seemed to forget at leastfor amoment in time about their illness.

On Wednesday, I attended a dinner to raise funds for the HadassahNew BreastCancer and Health Centerto be built in Jerusalem, Israel. This hospital isto support an epidemic aggressive form of breast and ovarian cancers striking young women in their prime.This gene is called the BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 whichearly detectionis saving lives!

Earlier that same day, I attended the History Link Luncheon in Seattle. It celebrated the 50th Anniversary of our World’s Fair. Watching the video and seeing Elvis and all the celebrities who discovered the “other” Washington was fascinating. As a gift, the attendees received a replica of the sketch drawn for the Space Needle. Big Dreams which modified our downtown skyline forever!

So next time you are asked to go to yet another fundraiser, don’t think about the “mystery meat”, you will eat, think about the mystery meet your mind will receive, and who you might encounter. And rememberit’s all for a good cause! With that in mind… anyone wanna join me for the Child Care Resources luncheon on October 7?