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A Changing Day in Your Life

I don’t know how many of you are fans or viewers of the Dr. Phil show, but I’ve been a fan for years.

From the abject to the zonked and everyone in between, Dr. Phil begins his show everyday by saying: “This is going to be a changing day in your life.” His mission is to help people get on the right path towards directing their lives to a better place.

This is fascinating to me, so needless to say, I was thrilled and totally caught off guard when I found out that my sister and co-blogger Dana arranged for us to visit two tapings of his show day before yesterday.

It was extremely interesting to watch the show live–it is exactly as we see it on television. All the elements of what have made this show so popular for sixteen years were there: the stage, the excitement, the anticipation and participation of the members of the audience, especially when prompted by pure emotion, they shook their heads and sighed and of course clapped their hands when in agreement with Dr. Phil or a guest.

First taping: a mother is raising her 4 year old grandson. She doesn’t want this parental duty at this stage of her life but feels she has no other choice because her daughter–the boy’s mother–is a young prostitute. Neither your average grandma nor an unattractive woman, she came out fiercely defending her position that her daughter was just an awful person . . . basically because the daughter wasn’t giving her any financial support for her grandchild.

She was serious.

Dr. Phil hit it to the core when he immediately asked: “Aren’t you concerned that your daughter is selling her body for money?”
Well, of course she was, but still. . .

Then the daughter came on stage and the banter began. Before the segment was over, the mother was shamed and sobbing. It was revealed that she was in part, the reason why her daughter was selling her body.

The second taping began with two sisters walking onto the stage. Their mother, an intelligent, professional, God-fearing woman who walked in faith, believed that she was married to Tyler Perry–she had after all, hundreds upon hundreds of texts from him via Facebook and messaging. She even believed in fact, that Tyler Perry was the father of one of her adult daughters on the stage and that she had a son with him. This son was born by the fact that she had given up her eggs for in vitro fertilization–but she couldn’t explain how or when this process actually happened–but that didn’t matter because she walked in faith. She’d even sent ‘Tyler Perry’ $100,000 to support his various charitable foundations and to help him with his private airplane repair. . .
One of the addresses she had forwarded money to, was revealed to be a spot on an open field. If Tyler really wasn’t Tyler, she would forgive Tyler.

She was serious.

It was amazing to watch Dr. Phil listen to these people and put their situations into perspective and help them hopefully find their way to the corner of happy and healthy.

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What you might learn could be the spark of “a changing day in your life.”