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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

Change the D in Daughter to an L and you get Laughter!

My daughter i turning 11 next week. Taryn never ceases to surprise me. For example, this year, he announced that he would not be having a party. Now those that know me, know I party because it’ a Tuesday! How dare he not indulge my desire to celebrate her special day?

Over the year, we have had clown and pinata’, swim parties at the WAC, and driven two hour to The Great Wolfe Lodge for a sleepover. I have poked and prodded for a reasonable concession such a jut having a few friend over for a pedicure. “Fine, but no presents and no cake, because that would constitute a party, she has replied.

“So, finally I acquiesced to her desire to jut have a family only dinner. After all, he ha Auntie Tracie visiting this year, so it will be indeed special no matter what we do.

As I was hopping for her birthday card, I came across the perfect one. It aid, ‘Change the D in Daughter to an L and you get Laughter.’ That card i exactly the sentiment I have for Taryn. A I think of all the way he ha made me laugh over this pat decade, I have to mile. My mini me has my sense of humor and it ha been there since she was a baby.

One of my favorite Taryn tale was when she was having an over-niter with her grandma, my mom. Taryn was about two and a half and snuggled up in bed hugging mom’ chest. The conversation went like this:
“Grammy, I bet you till have milk.
“”Oh no, baby!” Grammy replied. “It’ been a long time since Grammy ha had milk.
“Taryn sat up and tarred at Mom’s breasts long and hard.
“Hmmm… I bet it was chocolate.”

Taryn on her first day of KindergartenHappy Birthday Maedchen!