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Can I Get a Hand? The answer is Yes! Spotlight on Deb Narine

As a business woman, I know only too well what it’s like to launch and sustain a new business and we all know that the last few years have played havoc on all of our plans.

Well my friend Deb has had her share of ups and downs getting her company’s product line to market. Raising capital has been no easy piece of cake, but as the President of her company, she was not stopping for no one and nothing; not today, not anytime soon.

She told me that at times it has felt like she was pushing a very large boulder up a very steep hill, but the woman that I know her to be was and is not deterred.Let me just say that she is one tenacious gal.

I’m taking the time today to tell you all that perseverance pays off in spades and for Deb and her dream, boy was it worth it!

Okay, so this is the first time I have been moved to endorse a product on our blog, but you know I live by the credo, if someone or something surprises you and at the same time is just good common sense, well you have to share. After all that is why we write this blog.

A few months ago her company started selling this new product line on TV and online.The product is called the UpperHand Ladderless Home Care System and there it nothing sexy about it. It’s not exercise equipment or even luxurious sheets.
It’s a simple easy to use, super lightweight system invented by a local Seattle inventor who gets the concept that we should not have to drag out a heavy bulky dangerous ladder to take care of household chores, indoor and outdoor whenever it suits you.
The Upperhand is super simple to use, excellent quality, a sturdy and lightweight aluminum pole that allows you to attach multiple heads on top of the pole.
And the best part is that all of the heads work in your hand on the ground or you can attach them to the top of the UpperHand pole and activate them from the handle, while you stay safely on the ground. It is even patented, it’s that good.

Do you know that there are over 500,000 ladder related emergency room visits every year in the US alone?

Any way, right now she is selling the introductory kit, for the outdoors on TV an online and people of all ages and sizes are loving it.
About a year ago , I bought one for my uncle and he loves, loves it! He just grabs it and off he goes.

I encourage you to go out to the web-site and check it out, and if you like it, support Deb and her small business as it begins to grow into the world wide success I know it will become.Buy one, heck buy two or three because this is a must have for every home and makes a great gift.She believes in the quality and excellence, so she and her partners are even offering a full life time warranty.Today, you don’t get that kind of commitment.

And in about 5 months the line will grow again and include indoor attachments. After that, if you can imagine it on top of the UpperHand pole, it will be coming out.

For my trusted readers, if you go to the web-site and purchase in the next week, you can purchase as many as you like and just for me and my bloggers she is offering you the lowest price anywhere $89. Yup, pretty cool, Basically Wholesale Folks!!
It’s a $250 value, and sells for $149.99 on line and on TV.

It’s just one of the best things!

Click the link below and you will see for yourself:

GO to the web site and enter the promotional code when go to check out.The code is: Dana

And ‘no’, they are not paying me to give this endorsement.

While it is true, we do have to support each other, I believe in the safety aspect, I believe in the convenience, it is so light weight and weighs less than 3 lbs, heck my mother, your mother or grandmother can use it, and best of all it keeps me and my loved ones on the ground, not up on a darn ladder.

Okay, my first sales pitch. Spread the word people!