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Brigitte Christoph and Thirty Years of the Cologne Ball

Thirty years is a long time.I men, everything is relative, but for what this selfless woman has done in this length of time is truly outstanding! Ms. Brigitte Christoph has raised 6 million Euro in various children hospitals for life-saving medication, equipment, as wells the furnishing of the Cologne Ronald McDonald House in Cologne where I volunteer.

Her passion is also finding a cure for cancer. In the group “Experimental Oncology”, the target in the tumor of a young patient was found. This young patient is the first in Germany to undergo this treatment and with success!

This was truly a passionate, heartfelt evening. There  was particularly fine point for me, as I had donated ten of the German versions of my book for the event. And just as I was about to gather my prize, a man next to me said, What a beautiful book!” I leaned into him and said, “It’s a great read, I wrote it”. He was amazed and I signed it for him and we made pictures. 

And I hope that all of my books landed in the hands who need some inspiration and share with their friends and maybe, just maybe, give someone the encouragement they may be needing right now. Saving one person at a time…

Madame Brigitte Christoph,(in gold)thank you for allowing me to be a part of this magical evening. God bless you for all you do. Thirty years. Six million Euro. Saving lives.