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Breaking News!

Dear Menopausebarbee friends,

I have just received the news and I am proud to announce that my book, Incompatible with Nature–A Mother’s Story has received the 2018 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award! I am so very honored!

Here is a short synopsis:

In the summer of 1984, I, a young black American woman married a German man and moved to his country. Several months later, a delightfully uneventful pregnancy resulted in the birth of our son. Thirteen days later, a cardiologist explained to my husband and me that our beautiful thirteen day old baby was “born incompatible with nature and would die. At any minute.”

     “There is no surgery to save him,” the doctor explained to my husband in German.  “Let your son die,” he said to me in broken English. 

      Our son Marc entered this world with Heterotaxy Syndrome. Essentially, he drew each precious breath from a heart comprised of two chambers rather than four, an extremely rare and fatal condition. Adjusting to life in a foreign country and preparing myself for motherhood were challenging enough, but when my husband Helmut and I received our newborn son’s prognosis, my psychological balance plummeted utterly into despair. 

     Battling my own fears, an array of naysaying doctors, Marc’s innumerable infections, and struggling with a foreign language, I nonetheless instilled within him a sense of invincible confidence and the courage to believe that he could move mountains if he so chose. 

         Life is fragile. People are strong. Passionate, emotional and at times humorous, this story is an unflinching account of love, loss, rebellion and resilience. An inspirational story of one woman overcoming her deepest darkest fears while holding on to her faith as she fights not only for her son’s life and helps him win his battle, but ultimately for her own and survives.

My story will indeed give hope and encouragement to anyone facing a battle not of his or her own choosing.

Read it and be inspired! 

It is available in German here: Amazon link:

And here: Weltbild:

The English version is available in all book stores and online at Amazon where you can also leave a book review, which I hope you will do:


Thank you everyone and all the very best of wishes in 2019.