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Behind Closed Doors…

Christmas is just a few a days away. For those of you rushing to buy your favorite aunt a tea kettle, oops you forgot, you bought her one last year or your nephew a Tonka toy to add to his overflowing play room, today, I decided to share Tales from the Landlord Crib… I mean Landlord Crypt. Think about it- how much STUFF do we need or really want? We are a society of more, more, MORE! Each year, when school lets out for Christmas, I force my teenage daughter to do major Christmas cleaning, where we carry sacks of items to Treehouse for Foster Kids. It feels great to purge, and to share quality goods with the less fortunate, but in reality, we are also making room for more STUFF!

I was not prepared for the extreme spectrum of wanting and holding on to STUFF than when I assisted a hoarding resident start moving yesterday. I reflected on the season and what really matters. The resident has resided in one of our buildings for twenty years. He is a highly functioning, respected, retired civil servant. In daily interaction, one would never suspect the severe mental illness locked behind the unit on the 5th floor. I discovered this horror in late November, when I arrived inquiring about his rent. He paid early each month, and now I understand it was to keep me at bay, and in the dark to what loomed behind his closed door. Never once has he complained about a leaky faucet or stove malfunction. When I approached in mid November, we corresponded through the door where he shared he had fallen and I subsequently called 911 and had the Fire Department kick in the door and carry him to the hospital dehydrated and malnourished.

This is what my mother, sister and I saw when we entered.


As you look at this photo, remember, you never know what goes on behind closed doors. It’s not necessarily whats under the tree, but who is around it. This year – give love!