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Begin With The End in Mind… Would You Take a Chance?

Seattle- get ready!  Housing is about to become real scarce and that is a scary reality!

Since our City Council has chosen to bear the homeless pandemic housing crisis on landlords, I couldn’t agree with KIRO’s G Scott’s words more.

“But these efforts to possibly extend this moratorium will only come back to hurt the people that don’t make a lot of money.

Gee says landlords will probably be less likely to take a chance on someone who may just be doing the best they can, which could in turn mean that instead of just asking for the first month’s rent as a deposit, “now you might be asked for first month, last month, and a bigger deposit.”

“Also, landlords are now selling homes during this hot market because now they’re saying, ‘you know what, tenants, as soon as your lease is up, I am going to be selling that house.’ Now, what’s going to happen to that tenant? That tenant now has to go back out here in the rental market,” Gee said. “Maybe they’ve been in this home for five or six years and their rent has been good because the landlord and tenant relationship has been good, but other people are going to suffer these consequences because of extending these moratoriums.”

“One establishes a defense against evictions during each school year for anyone who works at a school, as well as families with students. The second bill requires landlords to offer new leases to tenants before their existing ones expire, and before they can try to find a new renter. The third bill would prevent landlords from kicking anyone out if they couldn’t pay their rent during the COVID-19 pandemic, for which tenants would need to sign declarations affirming that they suffered financial hardships.”

It is INCONCEIVABLE to me, and I am not alone that the city council does not comprehend that this is our livelihood as well.  It has been said over and over again, if you offer a service, you get compensated.  I don’t care if you are a doctor,  child care provider, restaurant owner,  city council member or realtor- when you provide a service you get paid!

You have freedom of thought, public assembly, and the right to own things.  Truly take a moment and think about what job you are heading to do right now.  Now imagine being told- there is a moratorium on your compensation.  Now take that further and imagine that your services are being devalued, depreciated, and damaged and you still can’t collect, however you are demanded to repair.

In every relationship, I believe you start with the end in mind…

This is a unit my family owns that a hoarder resided in.

This is the same unit after resident moved.

Would you take a chance City Council?