... the tales of two sisters

Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

Before We Were Menopausebarbees…

As my final week of having my big sis under the roof winds down, I find myself reflecting on our younger years. We are and have always been so in tandem that we still find we complete each others sentence using the same words at the exact same time. We like the same movies, we generally have the same impression of people, and an overall outlook on life. There is a familiar bond that we have of being raised by the same parents, in the same environment, and learning life’s lessons.

For all our similarities, our lives have taken divergent paths. Tracie is adventurous, moving to Germany and thriving for the past twenty five plus years in a foreign country. I reside a block from the house we grew up in.

I am social and really have never met a stranger. My motto is the more the merrier. I keep my cell phone with me even in the shower. Tracie enjoys her solitude and finds incessant babble and conversation annoying. Once, she was on a phone fast and I called her friend, Maria, who resides around the corner from her in Germany and sent her to Tracie’s home to make sure she was o.k.

A perfect day for Tracie might be wandering through ancient museums and castles in Rome- alone. Whereas I’d prefer to hang with my girlfriends over cocktails.

Tracie dresses flamboyantly. Mismatched earrings, puke green painted nails which I think resembles baby poop and fluorescent orange lipstick are part of her daily attire. I prefer designer labels, and Tracie laughs as my closet is not color coordinated, but sectioned by my overpriced, conservative favorites, Prada, Gucci, and Dolce.

I can sleep peacefully until 10 a.m., while Tracie is up at 5:30 a.m.

I detest cheese and Tracie can’t get enough.

Tracie is a perfectionist. If you notice our writing styles, every paragraph she writes is properly punctuated. I am a story teller and wonder if anyone really will notice that I didn’t use a semi colon or quotations properly.

I tend to sugar coat situations, whereas Tracie is brutally honest.

Tracie is methodical and takes time to access a situation. I am quick to pull the trigger- let’s go!

I tell jokes and Tracie belts out a hearty laugh. She calls me Schlag Fertig which translation is that I am quick witted. I always called her the Warden because she keeps everything in check.

Tracie has heart and lovingly compliments others when merited. I often express my affection through humor.

As I reflect on these differences, they have been present since we were children. Perhaps it is true that our personalities are formed at a tender young age.

I have looked to Tracie to be my strength in challenging situations. I know she would never tell me wrong. I have forced Tracie to ski from high mountaintops and plunge into deep waters, even though she is not a fan of being cold or swimming. It works and just as two halves make a whole, we compliment what is lacking in each other.

We reminisce about childhood memories and share grown up dreams. We continue to be each others biggest cheerleader.

From Menopausebabies to Menopausebarbees- Sister to Sister we will always be… A couple of nuts off the family tree!


Long before we were MenopausebarbeesCirca mid 1980s