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Before and After… Everything Must Change!

We are coming up on a year that we have been forced to quarantine at home.  At first, it was somewhat enjoyable for us all. Rolling out of bed and lounging in sweats as we virtually worked, while multi-tasking on home needs became the norm.   Joking that after dinner, we would meet for Zoom drinks in the Puerta de Livingroom, we got creative to deal with the madness. But after 365 days of looking at the same walls, they truly have begun to close in.  Did you find yourself, like me, asking when we return to the “real world” and exchange our Lulu Lemons for those pre-Covid 19 lbs once favorite denims, would you ever really wear those again?  Hell, you didn’t wear them much before the extra Covid weight. Did you look at your closet and find that your sweaters piled in complete disarray were shoved in without rhyme or reason, color or season and needed to be cleaned out?  Did you watch Marie Kondo as you looked at far too many items that once gave you joy, but now just take up space?

Personally, I discovered my Anti Qs as my fiancé calls my antiques had to go!  As Eric pointed out, these were not family heirlooms, but left the rooms looking like error looms. I couldn’t part with my grandmother’s clock, even though it had long stopped telling time.  The Bombay chest had been a real find at the Pacific Galleries Auction house and thirty years ago, I was thrilled to be the winning bidder.  Nope, not a chance I was  willing to part with the matching marble topped end tables, even though the drawers ceased to function and the wood was cracked.

I finally broke down and called my friend, designer, organizer extraordinaire, Michelle Peacock and asked her opinion.  Michelle has an ability to visualize and compartmentalize.  She looked at my book shelves filled with treasured reads and cleared the cases completely as she re-stacked according to size and simplicity.  The eyes eat too  I reasoned after looking at the finished product.  After a visit to Crate and Barrel, we updated my picture frames.  Gone were my golden embossed Henry VIII gilded frames, replaced by clean, contemporary mountings.    So I decided why stop now as we headed to the kitchen and organized everything from my vitamins, cook books, to pots and pans.  Next up those sweaters, handbags, and an ornate mirror in my closet were replaced by a full length cut glass which are both functional and eye appealing.

I can’t express the good feelings of walking through my home with the chaos, and trinkets which were really dust collectors being gone and now giving someone else pleasure.

If you are in need of someone to give you the courage and commitment to change your surrounding, I strongly encourage you to ring or ping Michelle Peacock 425 941 1440 or