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Been A Long Time Since I Rock n Rolled…

It’s Been A long time since I rock and rolled…

Shining in the Monday Spotlight!

That song has vibrated in every fiber of my being since last Thursday when the EMP Founders Award honored guitar legend, Jimmy Page.
Jimmy Page stands as one of rock’s towering figures, a transcendent guitarist, legendary songwriter and innovative producer.

When I was first ask to join the EMP Founders Award Committee, I didn’t completely comprehend the magnitude of what Jimmy Page’s presence would bring and do for our community. Inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, I soon came to understand Jimmy Page’s influence.

Many of you Menopausebarbees along with me grew up listening to Jimmy Page, the leader of the Led Zeppelin band. I recall our senior high school class cruise and along with my Blanchet High School classmates swaying and singing along to Stairway to Heaven. It was the 80’s and I was and am an old school girl to my core. So when signs were posted that said DISCO Sucks, I still belted Donna Summers Last Dance in the shower. Although I tucked away my disco ball and hid my DVDs of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever in the closet, I joined the masses on the Zeppelin train.

Fast forward thirty years and last Thursday, I was grateful for my exposure to this genre of music history. We were warned that the tribute was simply for Jimmy Page and that he personally would not take the stage. For the fortunate few hundred attendees, we broke a record on many levels that evening, raising over 1 million for youth education programs, and to our sheer delight watching Jimmy himself take the stage after 3 years without a public performance.

It’s been a long time since we rock n rolled… oh but did we make up for lost time!

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