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Be Like Rob…




Today, the Menopausebarbees celebrate our friend,  Rob Angel

This is an ode to Rob
Who only has had ONE job
He crossed the boarder
And went from a student waiter taking your order
To co-creating Pictionary
And that’s when things got really merry!
He moved to the house on the Lake
Where many a girl’s heart he would break
Like Hefner he held court
Seafair parties, hosting charities, and trips to every Port
6 decades have been grand for this original Burning Man
He’s on fire
all the guys aspire
To be like Rob
It’s a tough job,

But somebody’s gotta do it! Double vodka soda, ask Rob, there’s nothing to it!

In Black or White…This Angels alright!

Love you Rob- here’s to 60 more!