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Be Heart Smart! A Survivor’s Story

It’s February and as we cover Valentine’s Day,  and Black History Month, we can’t miss Heart Awareness Month!

Heart Disease has always been a concern for my family.  My grandfather, Houston Frank died of heart disease in his early sixties.  My father, Gerald Frank had a near fatal heart attack in his fifties and died of complications from Congestive Heart Failure at age 64.  As my sister, has chronicled in her award winning book, Incompatible with Nature, my nephew was born and has fortunately thrived with a rare heart condition, Heterotaxy Syndrome.

Now that we are Menopausbarbees, we are more conscientious of how young our paternal fathers were when they succumbed to heart disease. We work out, (Thank you, Bull for hosting Tracie while she was visiting) eat healthy diets, and utilize all the available preventative measures to keep the heart healthy.

Last weekend, I was reminded of how necessary it is to be aware of this often silent killer.  I joined my fiancé at The Rutherford County Heart Ball in Murfreesboro, TN where our friend, Jimmy Jobe was the honoree.  Take a moment and read Jimmy’s story.  The life stories like these save, could be your own.  This is a case where knowledge and action are power.  Be heart smart!

Jimmy Jobe describes Feb. 28, 2017 as being a day that started out as nothing short of ordinary — a busy day during tax season. The longtime Murfreesboro accountant woke up and performed his normal morning routine prior to attending a conference in Nashville, where he ate a little too much before heading home for an uneventful afternoon that included working out and preparing taxes.

Jimmy said shortly after working out he didn’t feel well, but chalked it up to a likely head cold.

“It wasn’t anything too serious,” he said. “I felt a little congested in my chest, like it was a little hard to get a breath, but I didn’t feel any pain or anything like that.”  Read more…