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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

BE -Coming

The energy was intense and palpable. As my generous friend, Dr. Michelle Terry who treated us along with her friend Dr. Leslie Walker ushered us into the Tacoma Dome, Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman” blared over the sound system followed by The Jackson 5 ABC song. I held my mother’s hand and we took our seats, and I was reminded of when we attended The Oprah Live Your Best Life Series. The crowd was said to be the largest for this speaking engagement yet, and I’m certain The Dome was filled to it’s 23,000 seat capacity. We watched the flock of attendees- some with familiar faces, old, young, and of various races.

Images of this history making woman rolled on the projector, reflecting her youth and childhood. The photos progressed to her morphing from a Chicago South side precocious, piano playing little black girl, Michelle Robinson to BECOMING First Lady Michelle Obama. I was curious as to how this would present itself. The story of the First African American woman and family of our country. I have listened to the book on tape and am familiar with the journey of this woman, my contemporary in age, ethnicity and motherhood. This daughter who like me lost her father and loves her family immensely. This woman who relays stories of riding in the back of cars when seatbelts were optional. This lady who is a Princeton and Harvard law School graduate, who bravely stated that as we have seen lately in the news, Degrees can be bought. She was REAL.

She was real as she shared her last night in the White house when 8 little girls stayed over and had to be ushered out before the Trumps came in the next morning.

She was real as she shared one of her first home cooked meals after 8 years of a full service staff was a cheese sandwich that she prepared.

She was real as she shared her mother’s hesitancy to move in the White House and how she refused to let staff do her laundry as she didn’t want anyone touching her underwear.

She was real as she talked about the current politics and said, “I miss us too.”

I enjoyed the banter as Jimmy Kimmel asked questions such as, did The First Lady and the President make love the night Osama Bin Laden went down?

But my biggest take away was as I captured on this screen, “You gotta do the work. You have to practice every day who you want to be.” So today and everyday ask yourself, WHO ARE YOU BECOMING. Become and stay REAL. And Always remember… ‘When they go low, we go high.’ Thank you, Michelle Obama!